Founder – Content Creator with a passion for always staying at the cutting edge of digital technologies, having produced all types of marketing content including AR apps and animated stories.

Fish is currently transitioning his web2 business into web3 and is known as he type of guy that gets sh#t done.


Lead Artist – Creative Designer that specialises is NFT Art Generation. Paz was born and raised in New Zealand and left for Australia in his early 20s he has now has been a Mozzi for over a decade. 


Paz left his career in Theme Park Operation Management to pursue his true passion and dive head first into Web3. Since entering the space in 2021 Paz has not looked back. His super power is speeding good vibes where ever he goes. 


Creative Director – Artist and animator. Tim is a super creative guy who over the years has worked in all parts of production including as a cinematographer, actor, director, editor and animator.



Crypto investor and lover of all things JPEG related (PFPs and 1/1 art). 
Graduated from the School Of Hard Knocks with a Masters degree.  
Big believer in the power and egalitarianism of Web3. 
Love helping and seeing others succeed. 
Wise old man known to regularly act his shoe size instead of his age


Stumbled into nfts in 2021 and has been fumbling his bags ever since. Quickly worked out to align himself with strong web3 communities
and the best way into these was memes.
Prides himself on his eye for detail clean aesthetic. 
Aims to make you laugh and do it with style


Passionate about People, Art, NFT’s , Web 3 and all things tech, particularly it’s a connection with our youth, with a key focus on
leveraging its capabilities for the education of others. 
With over a decade of mentoring experience, in crucial educational
and mentoring programs developed for some of Australia’s largest companies in conjunction with a number of Australia’s largest not-for-profit organisations.

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