// Benefits//

The Trailblazer Tribe are indigenous cyborg warriors, the genesis collection is 999 kiwi Maori warriors on the Ethereum blockchain.  We can not save the world in our lifetime so we plan to equip the tribes of the future with the tools to save the world.  We will donate 30% of mint proceeds to the indigenous schools in need in the south pacific countries where we gather our tribes. 


The Trailblazers have some quests on their journey to the metaverse, collecting all of earths elements, Earth, Water, Fire and Air. At each of these stops at different south pacific nations, there will be a free claim for holders of the next tribe, and also a public allocation. With 30% of mint proceeds donated to that nation’s indigenous schools in need. 


The brand is built around fun and exciting education, there will be different levels of courses, with the entry-level free for everyone, there will also be token-gated immersive educational experiences, highlighted by gamified education. Centred around web3 technologies but also courses on business and personal growth.  

// Vision // 

Our vision includes Learn2Earn with $PSY. Courses will also be available for non web3 natives, with a subscription model and credit card ‘pay as you go’ model. 

We plan to white-label our virtual education space and create immersive & interactive content for other industries. Levelling up their PowerPoint courses to immersive & gamified education.

We are implementing on-chain education verification.

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