An army of the fiercest cyborg-warriors the metaverse has ever seen is forming. Originating where the sun first hits the horizon, 999 proud Trailblazing Kiwi’s existing on the ethereum blockchain are forming a tribe of warriors following a path mapped out in the night sky for centuries. These blockchain warriors have many quests along their journey. Helping IRL humanity is their destiny.

We can not save humanity in our lifetime so we will equip the tribes of the future to save the world.

Educational eco system IRL and online, working towards immersive education and Learn2Earn.  Decentralized education for everyone. LGF!!!

Web3 Education Ecosystem

- Online Immersive Education
- Business coaching and mentorship
- Web3 access program, incl. weekly zoom calls
- Earn2Learn & gamified education
- Always free level of education
- White-label interactive courses for other educators
- Courses accessible for everyone, web2 subscription model
- On-chain education verification

Humanitarian - Making a difference IRL

- Donating 30% of mint proceeds to South Pacific schools in need
- Empowering local indigenous artist
- Offering free education at entry level

Community - Be part of the Tribe

- IRL & online social & business networking
- Free NFT claim for holders
- Regular spaces and zoom calls
- IP rights
- Have your say on the direction of our tribe
- Opportunity to feature in our animated series
- Work in Web3, become a community manager
- Join our social awareness council
- Join our advisory board

Competitions and giveaways

- Competitions and giveaways
- NFT raffle of 1:1 indigenous artists’ works
- Working towards a reward system for holders
- Write a 30sec script for our series, win a free NFT or ETH
- WL from other projects

Metaverse - done differently

- The Trailblazer brand is committed to 3D/ AR/ VR/ metaverse educational programs
- The metaverse done differently, choose your own learning adventure, self improvement classes, meditation, coding, photography etc

The Future - Trailblazing Brand

- Trailblazing Studios - Spawned from our web2 content marketing company, we plan to work with charities and brands to help leverage Web3 to grow their organisations
- Trailblazing Academy - Immersive educational platform which can be white labelled for other institutions
- Trailblazer Tribe - NFT collection which will have unparalleled utility. Including web3 access program for holders and opportunities to work within the brand.




Maori cyborg-warriors
999 Genesis OG warriors //.04 ETH


Next tribe, follow the stars.

Free claim to Genesis holders, 888 public sale


Growing the tribe and seeing IRL humanitarian causes fullfilled
Free claim to all Trailblazers holding 1 & 2 tribe. 777 public sale


Mint 4, final stop on the journey. All Polynesian tribes unite.
Free claim to all trailblazers holding 1,2 +3. 555 public sales

Hold all 4 tribal clans // earth/ water/ fire / air to unlock expeditional utility.. plus a 3D TRAILBLAZER

Think globally act locally

The warriors have a quest to build the Polynesian Tribe to 7,000 strong, then use their collective powers to make positive changes IRL.  Along our path we will make positive change in each island nation before unlocking the next quest.  We will be helping the junior indigenous tribes in these countries through the schooling system.  Each countries requirements are different, it might be training teachers or donating supplies. Helping educate the trailblazers of the future. Bridging the gap between web2 and web3 by partnering with some great local charities.  We will help facilitate local initiatives to help Polynesian schools through the ‘Future Schools’ program.

The Tribe Unites

Post mint – The adventure begins! This is where the real work starts, the founders have the passion, drive and ingenuity to ensure their projects are even more successful and doing real world good in the years to come.  We can’t tell you where web3/ NFTs/ Metaverse will be in 12 months or 5 years time, but you can be sure our Trailblazers will be at the forefront, doing real-world good before arriving in the metaverse.  


There are no WL grinds, we welcome everyone to join our tribe and make positive contributions to humanity! 

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