// Mission//

We are artists, writers, storytellers and content creators at heart, which is the beauty of NFTs, we can combine all these passions to grow our tribe and do some real-world philanthropy. We love making content and our short animated series is a testament to this. Our multi-media series will include mystery, adventure and humour to entertain and build a deeper connection with our tribe.. and the tribes of the future. Our aim is to do things differently, to be trailblazers in this space.  Trailblazers is more than a project, it’s a brand.  Web3 is meant to be fun, and we love having fun, so come along for the ride of a lifetime.

// Philanthropy // 

What’s your legacy or quest in life? Why are we here? What are we going to leave behind? Our quest is to leave this world in a better shape than when we arrived. Helping educate our future trailblazers is our mission.  We might not be able to fix all of the worlds problems in our generation, but let’s equip our junior tribe with the tools for battle, computers, smartboards, and building new schools.  We will donate between 30%-50% of all sales, to our indigenous schools program, but we plan to do more than just donate money, we have plans to make social change as well and promote our sister-schools program.  We also plan to empower local artists in the countries along our quest.  There are many ways to do this, it might be purchasing their art, creating a hologram of it, turning it into an NFT and having a free giveaway to our holders.  Or setting up digital galleries and auctioning off these pieces with 100% of sales going to these artists.

// Quest//

We want to inject some fun and adventure to our project….. and earth needs our help, during our journey through the south pacific we will make real life contributions (financial and social) to the local schools on the island nations our tribe visits, we will not move onto the next quest  until our obligations have been fulfilled. We will also let our community decide the order of our quest. Come along for the journey and join our tribe of real-world warriors.  If you join the genesis OG Trailblazers you can claim every further drop in this quest for free (just pay gas).

 // web3 //

This is our future, Trailblazing Studios is an arm of Fish Media , a multi-platform production company.  Trailblazing Studios is currently setting up to help facilitate brands, charities, clubs and sporting organizations to harness the power of NFTs and web3. The studio’s capabilities will be available to nft holders through the ’web3 access program’.  NFTs are about content creation and community building. We will also try to grow our team from within. We are early and web3 is full of opportunities.  With 30 years of experience in the advertising and marketing industry we are also looking into launching a transparent and honest NFT influencer/ promoter platform.

// Utility//

To maintain a successful NFT collection we must offer utility and rewards to our holders.  We believe that if we want to have a successful long term project we need to think about where we will be in 5 years’ time.  That is a long time in NFTs where one month is like one year.  We would like to establish an IRL business to facilitate this and add extra utility, whether that be access to our web3 studio, an outdoor/ adventure-wear clothing brand, or something we have not even identified yet.  We also plan to collab with other projects and share their WL’s with the Tribe.  We do not have all the answers, but we have the passion and are enjoying this ride and will always be looking for opportunities for our tribe.

// Utility IRL //

The tribe will one day all unite in the metaverse, but for now, our metaverse is social media, turn-on on the notification bell for twitter, join our spaces and twitter groups, and participate in the tribe to grow meaningful connections. This is great but there is nothing like the trailblazers meeting up in real life, developing deeper connections as we are a super social tribe.  Everyone loves merchandise, and most projects offer this.  As will we, we are working on a merchandising partnership with an existing brand in the outdoor and adventure wear style. 

// Local IRL //

Ideally we would like representation at all the major NFT events worldwide, but more importantly, we are planning smaller more regional get-togethers. These city-wide events will hopefully kick-off local twitter DM groups (or whatsapp groups) for Trailblazers. We are also planning annual events in our tribal homelands where we plan to not only celebrate the tribe but help the juniors with working groups. We’ll party to celebrate the wins, and also be there to support each other in the hard times.

// Metaverse //

 We do not think the metaverse of the future will be based solely around play-to-earn games.  Currently the metaverse is twitter, discord, instagram, facebook, fortnite, roblox, minecraft.  Our version of the metaverse is a fun and educationally inclusive space.  We want to bridge the educational gap with decentralized education, take coding courses, yoga classes, visit digital art galleries, meet and mingle with like minded people.  Think gamified learning.

// New to NFTs//

Introducing new people to NFTs is another one of our passions, we believe onchain web3 is the future, and to see this space grow further we need to help onboard new users.  Make sure you check out the resources on the ‘Learn NFT’ page. We want to bring some joy, adventure and fulfilment to our project.  This is why our collection is .04 ETH and trying to facilitate credit card purchases. We are trying to bridge the gap between web2 and web3.  We are all connected.  Our NFT equation; Web3 = NFTs + DeFi + Metaverse = Community. 

// Opportunities//

We are always looking for passionate people to join the Trailblazing Studios, if you align with our values please get in touch.  We are building connections with artists, developers, community managers, moderators, partnership managers, including charity partners and teachers/ schooling thought leaders. Fill in our collab form and get in touch.

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